Happy Birthday to Me

I almost missed the occasion. It's been a whole year since I posted this. I was just going to collect a recipe archive of my own and possibly offer information for an occasional googler but to my surprise some fellow food enthusiasts have started to follow my kitchen adventures. Thank you! During this short period I have even been officially awarded. Thank you! Blogging about my cooking has taught me to value more seasonal (in a country of four seasons this is no light issue), local, ecological, ethical, healthy, better tasting and culturally richer eating. So last, I'd like to thank myself for doing me a huge favour.

Guess the occasion would yield for a cake but think I've had enough of them for a while, right after salmiakki muffins, bilberry cheese cake and Runeberg's tarts. (Plus, I'm starting to understand why counting those nutritional values after the recipes isn't always a good idea.) Instead, I thought I'd amuse (or bore) you with some data from Google Analytics.

One thing I feel quite excited to look at is the world map, showing where on earth do people visit my blog. The all-time top ten shows no huge surprises (India might be one if I didn't remember how many English-speaking internet users there are):
1. Finland (Surprise, surprise!)
2. United States (with California, New York and Texas leading)
3. Canada
4. United Kingdom
5. Germany
6. Sweden
7. Australia
8. France
9. India
10. Austria

Ten most popular recipes (or at least most visited ones) include:
1. Glögi
2. Mämmi
3. Hemp Milk
4. Hefu
5. Salty Mushroom Salad
6. Sea Buckthorn Parfait
7. Rhubarb Mead
8. Sour Rye Loaf in a Tavastian Manner
9. Salmiakki Pasta
10. Warmer Röstis

Ten most common keywords that people are looking for when coming to Mämmi through a search engine are almost entirely in Finnish:
1. mämmi (Surprise, surprise!)
2. hamppuvoi
3. suolasienisalaatti
4. mammi
5. perunasalaatti
6. tyrnijäädyke
7. omenapiirakka
8. hernelevite
9. hamppumaito
10. glögi

The weirdest part is the most hilarious keywords (though I must admit, they don't come even near the ones of BitterSweet):
i've been eating frozen mämmi instead
salmiakki tastes awful
simmer industrial hemp in ilk fatty
beetroot syrup harden
eat apple pie in finnish
does rhubarb have yeast?
soya bean should be take fried or simply dissolved in water
mammi cameras
how to mämmi

Finally, maybe I really should try these:
salmiakki coffee, salmiakki chili and salmiakki wine
the weirdest gingerbread
soups made with hemp milk
rasberry beetroot
roasted pumpkin and apple soup
caraway finncrisps
cabbage rolls with rutabaga
chili mammi, mammi gravy and mämmi pasta
fermenting fireweed leaves
macaroni gram flour omelette

At this point I'd also like to ask you, my dear readers, what else do you think I should definitely write about during my second year as a food blogger?


  1. Congratulations for the one year old! I've also found great inspiration in the search terms, both beetroot cake and lingonberry bread that I made were made because of some industrious users of google... It has been very interesting to follow your fennovegan kitchen adventure! More crazy stuff plz.

  2. Crazy stuff coming up! Just try and stop me. ;)

  3. Congratulations! I have been a fan of your blog from the beginning and there are always interesting stuff coming up. But for the future... How about Raw Mämmi or Super Food Mämmi... Hey, just kidding! I think your style is just great, so keep on rocking!

  4. Congratulations! It's been really nice to read about all your innovations in kitchen. Your blog makes me happy every time I visit it :)

  5. I just may have to wonder about that raw mämmi recipe for a while. :D

  6. Happy blogiversary! I'm sure there's loads of Finnish recipes in old cookbooks and other documents just waiting to be veganized and blogged about. Or then just go for the crazy variations like Salla said. =)

  7. Paljon onnea yksivuotiaalle!

    Mats lak tu vanjier ould :D

  8. Rustic recipes, creative craziness and raw mämmi. This year is starting to sound super. :)

    Ja kiitos kolmivuotiaalle! Tackar för alla äldre och visare!


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