VeganMoFo Round Up

It's been a busy month with MoFo. I didn't quite meet my goal, which was to post every day, but I did easily surpass the official goal of 20 posts. At first I was super excited and thought about food half of my day, but later on it started to feel more like a necessity that often slipped towards the evening. The last couple of days I felt so tired I just decided to skip the whole thing.

Still, this was very educational experience and I'm quite certain I'm going to participate again. It was especially fun to find new interesting blogs and see what others posted. The least fun part of it was to think all your meals in the way you would have something to post about. Think the better way of managing this would be to have "cooking for blogging" days where I could prepare lots of things for one meal and then just forget about it for a few days. That way there would always be some spare recipes and pictures to post about during the eventual busy days.

One thing that really surprised me was that kale chips climbed straight into one of my most popular posts ever. And I thought whether such a simple recipe, previously posted by half the food blogs already, is worth posting at all. Apparently, there are still lots of people who found the idea useful. So new food bloggers, please just forget about all those lame tips aimed for starting food bloggers.

And to satisfy my fetish for making lists:

Out of 25 postings, what did I actually cook?

- 7 mushrooms dishes (much smaller percentage than I expected)
- 5 berry dishes
- 3 brassica dishes
- 3 dishes for preserving autumn harvest
- only one dish that didn't use any autumn harvest
- 3-7 dishes you might call traditional
- 6-10 dishes where i used other recipe at least as the base (more than I imagined)
- 9-13 dinner items (less than I would've imagined)
- 3 dishes I'd call a bit laborious
- around 10 very simple dishes ready in no time

What I'm going to eat this month, now that I don't need to worry about the MoFo anymore?

- What ever my spouse wants to cook. Just bring it on the couch while I play Psychonauts.
- All those delicious sounding recipes other people have posted during the month
- Recipeless dishes like "throw something on the pan"
- Some of my old favourite dishes I have already posted in the year X. Hello cabbage rolls, I haven't seen you for ages.
- Dishes definitely not Finnish in any way. Right now I especially crave for some Thai cuisine.
- Tacos! Taco cleanse sounds for once like a fad diet even I might try. Perhaps it would work with the new baby in the house too.
- Still, I'll need to find use for the harvest from our little garden, hopefully even for more mushrooms. So don't worry, I'm still going to have lots of things to post about.

What kind of theme I might try during the next MoFo?

- Salmiakki!
- Adventures in feeding a one-year-old midget.
- Introducing mushrooms (in case it's still held during September) or beer types
- Dishes from a certain time period. My flatmate would probably love if I asked her advice with medieval cuisine.
- Classic Finnish pastries.
- Reviewing a cook book per day (and of course preparing some recipe from it)
- Finnish versions. Taking well-known dishes from around the world and completely raping them with domestic ingredients.
- Low carb diet.
- Camping/wilderness dishes.
- Cheap and fast dinner ideas. (This might be a little hard since those attributes change depending on who you ask and where they live. But as an example.)
- Chili peppers!
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