Newborn's parents do get to eat too

Well, to tell you the truth, at first it felt like we wouldn't. Or at least at the point where we did have time to eat, it was so late I just wanted to fall in bed and play dead. Especially my life was suddenly all about eating, but instead of the cook or the eater I had become the food. The days are still short - and I mean that literally. The sun rises at 9:06 and sets at 15:19 currently, so that leaves about 6 hours of daytime. But either we've learned to plan ahead or the little newbie has started to pick up some sort of a life rhythm, since our dinners have started to return towards normal.

After the everyday posting of Vegan MoFo during September it's been relaxing just to cook without thinking if this stuff fits my blog or is there still enough light for taking pictures without colours that would make any dish seem unappetizing. But I have thought about you. I've kept a diary of my main meal of the day for a solid month. Not all of these can be called Finnish or vegan, but perhaps it gives you a bit more honest picture of what I really eat. These kinds of menus people make have been a great idea source for myself when planning what to cook, so I hope to pass the help on.

Some of these are dishes I've already posted, some I might be posting in the future. If something sounds so tempting you'd like to have the recipe for it, leave me a note so I'll remember to cook it soon enough again.

Mon Macaroni casserole
Tue Leftover casserole
Wed Miso soup with tofu, leek, noodles and sweet potato
Thu Leftover soup, convenience food tortellinis (Eating was delayed so late we felt too tired to cook anything real anymore. Again.) 
Fri Salad with quinoa, chickpeas and cucumber (A lot like this, just with quinoa instead of millet)
Sat Tofu and frozen vegetables on a pan (At my spouse's parents.)
Sun Leftover salad, pancakes

Mon Burritos
Tue Spinach pancakes, brown sauce with quorn and mustard, lingonberry cram and alfalfa sprouts
Wed Chickpea, cauliflower and coconut curry with rice
Thu Mozzarella sticks, smoothie (I don't usually count smoothies as a meal but this was one of those badly planned nights again, so I just grabbed something from the freezer.)
Fri Spinach, nettle and lentil lasagna
Sat Chinese take-out (We were having the naming ceremony on the next day so my spouse's sister came to take care of the baby so we could clean and cook. After that it seemed too late for making a dinner, so we ate with sticks on the living room carpet.)
Sun Karelian pasties, beet and bean soup (I made three kinds of filling to the pasties and turned the remains, mostly the beet one into a soup by adding water and couple of handfuls of a colourful bean mixture.)

Mon Leftover soup
Tue French fries and soy sausages
Wed Seitan kebab, rice, tomato sauce and yogurt sauce
Thu Hemp and carrot patties, potatoes and brown sauce with crushed tomatoes
Fri Leftover patties
Sat Kekri feast table (Couple of friends invited us to celebrate the traditional Halloween type end of the year's cycle to the ecovillage where they live. Most ingredients in the standing table dinner had been grown by the villagers or gathered nearby. It featured for example fried green fava beans, mushroom salad and rutabaga casserole)
Sun Pizza / falafel (I don't know whether this is true elsewhere, but at least in Finland Turkish immigrants seem to run restaurants serving pizzas, kebabs and falafels just about everywhere, even in the smallest villages. On the way home we stopped eating at one of these tasty places.)

Mon Pea soup and rye bread
Tue Rieska "pizzas" topped with (lupin) tempeh and pear
Wed Oven tofu topped with bean stalks and pineapple, mashed potatoes
Thu Soy strip and fruit salad
Fri Seitan in red wine, spelt
Sat Quorn burgers
Sun Leftover seitan and braised kale, talkkuna pannukakku

Mon Chili, bell pepper and tofu pie
Tue Savoy cabbage loaf and balsamic beet (Basically, I made just one big cabbage roll instead of many regular ones to speed up the cooking.)
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