I've made tofu from soybeans twice. Coincidentally I've also sworn twice I'll never make tofu again. The amount of work for a small cube of goo seems just overblown. Compared to that making hemp tofu or hefu is a piece of chocolate cake.

- hemp milk

Boil until the hefu starts to separate from water. (About ten minutes, quicker in microwave.) Remember to stir occasionally. Filter through a cheesecloth. (I just use old stockings.) Flavour at this point if you want. You get firmer hefu by placing a weight (for example a pot full of water) on it for at least half an hour (it's a good idea to use a mold).

Hefu can be used just like tofu. So every time I write "tofu" in a recipe you can use hemp tofu just as well as soy tofu.

(In case someone can tell the nutritional values, feel free to post. I've got absolutely no idea.)


  1. Nice! I want to try this. What makes it easier than tofu?

  2. Well, it doesn't take the whole day. :) There are multiple stages in making soy tofu (that in my clumsy hands usually end up wrong somehow) and you need a special coagulant like nigar.

    Here's one method: http://www.ehow.com/how_4918841_make-tofu-home-soybeans.html. It's worth trying, anyways.

  3. I was curious can you use store bought hemp milk? Hemp seeds just seem so expensive. And 32 ounces of hemp milk is just 5 dollars.
    And you just boil it? this seems too good to be true!

  4. I can't see how store bought could be any different. The thing is, there isn't any commercial hemp milk available where I live. I'm sure I'd be making this every other day if I didn't have to make the milk myself, so lucky you!

  5. I think I must be really sleepy because I don't quite understand the recipe? "Boil until the hefu starts to separate from water." How do you get to the hefu stage? What are the ratios? I just don't get how to make this and I would really like to try. I apologize if I am missing something...Can you help me to better understand the recipe so I may try to make it? Thanks!

    1. there is a clickable link in blue type for the hemp milk recipe :)

  6. Let me try this with other words:
    1. Put the hemp milk in a pot. Any amount.
    2. Heat up.
    3. Stop when you see white mush on top.
    4. Filter out the mush and discard the water. The mush is called hefu from now on.

    Was that more helpful?

  7. I love this recipe!!!! Thank you you for posting it!!��

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