Piny Cutlets ‒ Mäntyiset leikkeleet

Marinades are fun to play around with. Much like stocks, they can be made out of anything your imagination allows you to. Just for inspiration, here's one that I used for textured soy protein cutlets I've had lying in the closet for ages but can't see no reason why it wouldn't work just as well for precooked seitan or firm tofu.

The fallen but still fresh pine twig I used here sort of followed me home from a forest trip. Another thingy I wanted to get rid of was half a bottle of Gambina ‒ theoretically red vermut and juniper-spiced gin sound like a great combination but I found this way too sweet for me. It was probably a fine aperitif drunk from a stemware when first introduced in 1932 but is nowadays mostly consumed by teenagers and boozers straight from the bottle because of the cheap prize.

- 3 dl pine needles
- 2 dl Gambina
- 2 tablespoons rape oil
- 2 tablespoons apple wine vinegar
- 2 garlic cloves
- salt
- lemon pepper (continuing with the theme "something I just want to get rid of")

Crush the needles and smooth down with the rest. Move into a plastic bag with your cutlets for a few hours. Turn around now and then.

If you'd rather use a bowl, add some water to achieve a thinner mixture and soak your cutlets for the whole night.

Brush out the biggest bits and pieces and cook on a pan. One thing I noticed is that the surface gets burned quite easily so don't go reading food blogs while you cook!


  1. I´ve never used pine to make food, and now I´m wondering why...?! I have used juniper many times, for example to marinade lamb (it´s in our blog). Thank you for this tip!

  2. The boozing teenager part is hilarious! another gold medal for great vegan recipe!nice job!Mammi
    come and see my vintage butterscotch I think you will like it! you might have to substitute the egg though..

  3. You are very creative here! Really interesting recipe, but I am a bit doubtful with the Gambina-part of it ;) No hard memories, though... ;)

  4. Merituuli, probably cause you can't just eat them as such and the taste is rather strong.

    Unfortunately Gambina got pretty well covered in the result. Perhaps I should try Sorbus next. ;)


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