The purpose

This modest starting shall evolve into a food blog. Yes, I know, there's an endless amount of them already. This one's among you to serve three main functions:

1. I'm mostly writing this to myself. It's nice to look what I've already achieved, get a good cataloged recipe book of my own, share my cooking with friends and occasionally even wonder the philosophical side of food. Unlike most food writers I'm planning to tell also about the kitchen failures and ponder why they went wrong.

2. My main interest here is Finnish cuisine, traditional as well as dishes with modern twists. This is also why I'm blogging in English. I want everyone to know how excellent food we have and how the tasteless crap with Mediterranean names you typically get from Finnish restaurants doesn't show the best of it. But since we're living the life of the modern noblemen here in wealthy western countries, I'll of course be enjoying some more exotic things as well.

3. All the foods here are vegan, so you can eat them with clean conscience and they are likely to fit all your guests as well. This may sound controversial with the previous point since ancient Finnish peoples (yes, that's a plural) lived mostly on fish, seals and occasional plants they found from the woods. However, after agriculture and steady life were introduced, the most common meals actually started to be based on root vegetables (turnip, potato, rutabaga, carrot, onion, beet) and grains (barley, rye, oat, spelt, millet). The excessive eating of meat and dairy products is by and large a modern invention. I'm not a strict vegan but a lacto-ovo vegetarian myself. This is an ethical choice, otherwise I consider myself an omnivore. If I don't like some food, I'll just keep eating it until I've learned to like it. There's not many things I despise more than squeamishness from grown-up people.

Those being said, let's move into the kitchen!

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