South-Ostrobothnian Beer Soup ‒ Eteläpohojalaanen kalijavelli

\o/ I made it! I cooked edible beer soup! And it only took me two tries.

This is a treat that my granny used to make. For some reason my spouse - and now that I think of it, pretty much everyone not from from South-Ostrobothnia - was very suspicious of this. I guess it just sounds like a weird idea for them to use beer in any other way than on it's own. Still, I recommend you to try. Remember, you've got nothing to loose, only to gain. And there's really only one thing you can do wrong with this: boiling it bitter.

- 270 g firm tofu (This replaces an oven fried fresh cheese called leipäjuusto. It fits great since it has the same kind of squeaky texture, but one day I'm going to try if it's possible to make leipäjuusto from soft tofu. Can't see no reason why it wouldn't work.)
- 1 l beer (traditionally kalja but any "easy" and soft one should do.)
- 0.5 l oat milk (actually, I substituted part of it with oat cream)
- 3 tbsp wheat flour
- 1 dl dark syrup
- 2 dl raisins
- a hint of salt
- margarine for frying

Cut the tofu in cubes and fry them well with margarine and part of syrup. Put them in a kettle with everything else. Whip it up a bit to make sure the flour has dissolved instead of forming clumps. (There also exists a clump soup but that's a different dish not involving beer.)

Warm up the soup until it has thickened. Keep stirring constantly. Be sure not to boil it! Beer will quickly turn bitter and inedible when boiled. (Believe me, I know what I'm talking about.)

Remember: it's better to leave the soup a bit runny than overboil and thus ruin it!

Nutritional values / 1.5 l:
energy 1524 kcal
fat 38 g
protein 58 g
carbohydrates 232 g
fiber 18 g

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