Mushroom Soup ‒ Sienikeitto

I used to hate mushrooms. Every autumn dad took me to the nearby forest to pick up russulas and milk-caps. It was fun. But when we got home he minced our mushrooms and fried them with a half a kilo of butter into a sloppy mush I thought repulsive. Later on my attitude was strengthened by those slimy canned champignon slices that cheap eateries use.

One day I just got disgusted by my own pickiness, bought a box of fresh champignos, chopped them a little, fried well with a drop of oil and realized they were delicious. Nowadays I even eat canned mushrooms from time to time. Next autumn I'm planning to go hunt them from the forest myself and dry for the winter.

Besides frying, another simple way to use them is in a creamy soup.

- 500 g or 1 l mushrooms (chanterelle is a classic)
- 1 red onion
- 1 stock dose (in my case 1 dl)
- 5 dl water
- 2 dl white wine
- 2 dl oat cream
- 1 tbsp potato flour
- 3 garlic cloves
- black pepper
- margarine for frying
- (2 dl barley grains)

In case you use barley first cook it with the water and the spices. Chop the mushrooms into chunky pieces. Chop the onion into semicircles. Sauté both and add to the soup. Let it boil for couple of minutes.

This also makes a nice sauce. Just leave out the water and the barley and only use 200 g mushrooms. And of course the same method can be used with many different soups. Just replace the mushrooms and the barley with your favourite veggie and soy strips. The fun thing about soups is you can experiment a lot without much fear of failing.

Nutritional values / 1 l (with barley) :
energy 1250 kcal
fat 32 g
protein 34 g
carbohydrates 167 g
fiber 31 g

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