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Normally I feel recipes using convenience foods despise my intellect. The recipe magazines published by big store chains will tell you to spice your soup with their instant soup bag since that way they'll get a better prize than if they'd just teach you how to prepare your own stock. That's not really a recipe. Anyone can figure out how to open up a bag.

This however is just too beautiful an idea to be sneered at.

- 1 can of thick pea soup (The kind with carrot and onion will fall apart.)
- mustard
- breadcrumbs
- rape oil for frying

Open the soup can from both ends. Use a drinking glass with a flat bottom to press the bar out intact. Cut it in six flat pieces. Smudge with mustard, roll in breadcrumbs and fry from both sides. The result has a similar type of structure to that of Arabian fallo... sorry, falafel balls but the taste fits better to Finnish mouth.

This also works when camping. Just leave the breadcrumps out and use the mustard only just before teeth. I'm sure my Trangia will be happy to prepare peas in some other form than soup for a change.

Nutritional values / 1 pattie / 90 g:
energy 128.6 kcal
fat 3.5 g
protein 6.8 g
carbohydrates 17 g
fiber 3 g

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