Blue Lupin and Potato Mash in Bread Cover – Sininen lupiini-perunamuusi leipäkuoressa

Estonia isn't exactly a culinary heaven if you're a vegetarian. It's closer to becoming one than many other ex-Soviet countries though, perhaps thanks to the close cultural connections with Middle Europe and the Nordic countries or perhaps the way things are getting better economically speaking. But one time in Tartu I got this really friendly service. The restaurant we went to didn't have a single vegetarian option, but they prepared the tired travelers a meal from the things they did happen to have. That included a plateful of vegetables and a dip plus this funny bread filled with mashed potatoes. Ever since I've wanted to try replicating the idea at home, only with some protein source added.

I used an oat bread of a local bakery here, but for a self-made one something like rievä would be an excellent choice. The potatoes here are a proof we did manage to grow something after all. The variety is called Blue Congo because of its adorable purple colour even brighter when raw. They're floury so they work best in the mashed form and somehow remind of what potatoes really should taste like. With them I thought I'd pair another blue plant, blue lupin. Weirdly, the tempeh made from it is actually bright yellow though.

The combination tuned out very earthy and filling. This portion is too big to eat all on your own, so cater at least two forks. And forget that spaghetti from candlelight dinners already ‒ you wouldn't eat it without hands anyway. What could be more romantic than a bowl of mashed potatoes, except a bread bowl of mashed blue potatoes?

- 1 bread
- 700 g potatoes
- 150 g tempeh
- 2 dl oat cream
- 1 onion
- 3 garlic cloves
- rape oil for frying
- green peppers
- thyme
- mustard powder
- smoked paprika
- salt

Cook the potatoes, washed well and with their skins on if possible. While they're boiling, cut a hat off the bread and scoop carefully the inner part out, leaving about 2 cm thick wall. (You can use the scooped out bread later in a soup or such.) Chop and sauté the onion. Add the tempeh to the pan in small pieces as well. Spice with mustard and paprika.

When the potatoes are done, pour the water out. Don't throw it away yet, in case the mash should need more liquid than I suggest here. Mash the potatoes together with the cream. Spice up with garlic, thyme and salt. Mix the tempeh and onion with the potatoes.

Scoop the mash into the bread. If everything doesn't fit in, there's no need to overfill like I've done it the photo. Just save the leftovers for tomorrow's lunch. Place the hat on the bread. Lit the candles.

Nutritional values / 1494 g:
energy 1810 kcal
fat 46 g
protein 67 g
carbohydrates 276 g
fiber 26 g


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