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My spouse doesn't really care for fresh peas, and even I have to admit those things you can buy from the market square in our neighbour aren't nearly as good as the ones we grew in our backyard in my childhood home. These are less sweet and the pods so woody they're practically inedible. Guess we just picked them before they were fully developed.

This time of the year you can get them really cheap, so I like to make something out of them. This way they get soft and sweet again. But warning: they get devoured fast too. This is about the amount you should reserve for each eater:

- 1 l sugar pea pods
- 1 l water
- 2 tbsp sea salt
- 50 g margarine

Add the salt into the water and let it come to a boil. Throw the peas into it for about 15 minutes. In the late summer they might need more boiling to become soft but if you boil them too long they'll brake down, so keep checking the situation. Fish them out and forget the water.

While they're boiling, melt the margarine and pour it into a tall shot glass. It's easiest to give every eater their own. (I've also tried adding some nutritional yeast, but the two don't seem to mix. If you don't mind the unaesthetic mess, it does add some great taste though. Horseradish is another option.)

When the peas are done, it's time to eat. Grip a pea from the stem end and dip it into the margarine. Place the whole pod into your mouth. Now pull backwards while closing your teeth around the pod. The soft parts should now be left in your mouth but the woody ones in your hand. Discard the gutted carcass and help yourself to the next one.

Nutritional values / 450 g:
energy 483 kcal
fat 35 g
protein 12 g
carbohydrates 32 g
fiber 12 g

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