Red Onion Scones ‒ Punasipuliteeleivät

I often have a hard time deciding how to translate dish names for this blog. Teeleipä, meaning tea bread in Finnish, is a small, savory and rather flat bread that doesn't need to be knead and is leavened with a baking powder. Sometimes they're said to be a form of Scottish scones, but after looking what they typically look like and contain I thought calling them scones would mislead a bit too much. Since they fit in the definition however, I eventually decided it would be wiser to use a familiar name and just explain that these are Finnish-type scones.

Scones are something most Finns have made in school during the home economics class and never touched since. But I think they're so simple to make I rather mix a batter than leave for a store just because the bread happened to run out. The beauty of them is that you can stuff them with nearly anything you'd like to get rid of ‒ meal remains, herbs about to die or those seeds you've had in the closet for a year now. One of my favourite fillings includes crated carrot, garlic and green olive slices, but this time I crowned them with red onion. Also, you can swap the flour types and other such dry ingredients to fit your closet, as long as there are about 4 dl of them altogether. As the name implies, they're a perfect evening snack with a cup of nice tea. On top they're supposed to be a little crunchy but soft inside.

- 2 dl oat meals
- 2 dl wheat flour
- 2 dl water (or oat milk)
- 2 tbsp oil
- 2 tsp baking powder
- 0.5 tsp salt
- 1 red onion
-  black pepper
-  marjoram

Cut the onion in semicircles and sauté lightly. Mix all the dry ingredients in a bowl, then add the wet ones as well. Cover with a towel and let it swell for a while. Portion spoonfuls on a baking sheet leaving a lot of room between them to spread. Bake about 15 minutes in a 225°C oven. Serve fresh and hot with a good evening tea and some simple bread spread.

Nutritional values /  677 g:
energy 1030 kcal
fat 35 g
protein 32 g
carbohydrates 145 g
fiber 18 g


  1. Hi! You're back that's great!
    I've been desperatly trying to contact you since ages ago regarding viili, is there any chance you could get back to me? Thanks!

  2. Hi! Better late then never... thanks at last! Are you still making it? I don't live in Sweden or Finland or Norway can't get viili around here. Oh and yes did you ever see my messages on facebook, btw? I'm curious to know why people never reply to me on FB.


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