Mint and Black Currant Smoothie ‒ Minttu-mustaherukkapirtelö

I haven't shared much smoothie or milkshake recipes since I feel they're something that don't need much of a recipe. I mean, you just blend together any fruits and berries yu happen to have, and getting a terrible tasting combination is just rather unlikely. Besides, everyone has their own personal taste preferences with them. But even the most experienced smoothie makers can use some fresh ideas so they wouldn't end up doing just that one and the same thing every time. This is why I thought I'd start sharing some ideas for combinations I've found especially great. After all, I do post salads as well.

- 200 g frozen black currant
- 1 small bunch of fresh mint leaves
- 5 dl soy yogurt

Crush the berries. Then add rest of the ingredients. In  case you found this too sore for your liking, add sugar carefully to balance it out. Enjoy.

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