Lingonberry Foam ‒ Vispipuuro

One of my mom's bravuras is vispipuuro, literally "whipped porridge". It's one of those traditional dishes which are sold in every basic supermarket but of course something that's been standing in a plastic jar for a month can never have that fluffy structure it's supposed to so recently I thought I'd try to make it myself for the first time. Turned out much simpler than I had thought. And oh my, it felt like I had little crispy clouds in my mouth.

I took the basic amounts from the recipe of Kamomillan konditoria since it used more lingonberries and less sugar than most. (Actually, I could do with even less sugar.) This basic recipe is easy to pimp to any occasion, for example with glögi spices.

- 5 dl lingonberries (currants are also sometimes used)
- 1 l vettä
- 1,5 dl semolina (white kind of course makes the structure even fluffier but I couldn't find anything to complain about the dark semolina I used)
- 1 dl sugar
- 0.5 teaspoon salt

Let the berries simmer in the water as long as they become mashed or take a shortcut by mashing them with a blender. Some people like to filter out the skins in which case I think it would be easier to use juice instead of whole berries. Add the semolina and let the porridge simmer for about ten minutes. Keep stirring from time to time. Add the sugar and the salt.

Now you have to keep patient. Let the porridge cool down. Here in the north, this time of the year, this is done rather quickly by forgetting the kettle outside for a moment. When it's chilled down (and hopefully not frozen) you can start whipping. The porridge should turn light pink in colour and the volume should approximately double itself.

Scoop the pink cloud into serving bowls. If you wish, add some sugar and oat cream on top.

Nutritional values / 1505 g:
energy 828 kcal
fat 4 g
protein 16 g
carbohydrates 181 g
fiber 15 g


  1. Sometime ago I was asked to make a guest posting for a local English speaking blog,and I chose to post about whipped berry foam.I had not done nor eaten it for some years, and made it of
    raspberries as we don't have lingonberries here.I was amazed how delicious this old childhood dessert can be....

  2. Me too! I had totally forgot this treat. Have to try that rasberry version as well. Think it would work with just about any berries, though lingonberries of course give it that nice sharpness that I think pleasantly contradicts with the soft structure.

  3. I have lived in Finland 2 years, but I am actually English and I have been dying to make this. It was a really good recipe and nice to find it in English! :D The only problem I have had is that the semolina turns into blobs in the puuro and they're really tough to break up. Has this happened to you?

  4. Wonderful to hear I've helped you! The clumping hasn't happened to me with this dish but sounds all too familiar from other things I've made. Try sprinkling the semolina in smaller batches, possibly even through a filter and keep stirring all the time.


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