Cranberry Glögi with Chili ‒ Chilinen karpaloglögi

Remember when I said there are probably hundreds of glögi variants? Well, now I have this urge to try if not hundreds then at least a dozen of them. Cranberry version is still quite a standard one so I also experimented with the spices.

For once, I admit I may have exaggerated with chili ‒ maybe that challenge I talked about in the last post was still haunting in my mind. It covered most of the other flavours and started to hurt my stomach. (A note to self: remember you shouldn't use chili nearly as much for liquids as you would for the same amount of solid food.) Otherwise however, this seemed to work rather well. The structure came out surprisingly thick so if you prefer your glögi transparent use less berries.

- 200 g frozen cranberries
- 0.5 dl spruce syrup
- 1 dl water
- 1 dl dried cranberries
- dried chili
- aniseed
- cardamom

Cook the cranberries in the water so long they get mashed. Filter out most of the pieces (and use on your breakfast porridge in the next morning). Add the syrup and the spices. Let the glögi simmer for about ten minutes. Pour in the serving glasses and give the final touch with a few dry berries.

Nutritional values / 1 l:
energy 264 g
fat 1 g
protein 1 g
carbohydrates 64 g
fiber 1 g


  1. Interesting mix of spices! Cranberry based drinks are so this season.

  2. I've been wondering if me associating cranberries with Christmas waiting is just because of reading too many American recipes, so I'm glad you share the view.

    There seems to be really weird glögi recipes out there. Somehow I have this feeling I'm going to get pretty far from recognizable glögi before Christmas...

  3. This sounds so interesting! Chili is hot and spruce syrup "cold" somehow.. at one point I was part of a team trying to create a herbal tea mixture called Chili Chill for Labby herbal teas, we never got it quite right, but I imagine you might have invented the real Chili Chill here ;)

  4. Goddesofcake, Chili Chill sounds like a funny name! Had to go and see what kind of tees Labby has and instantly started feeling sorry I picked almost no herbs last summer. Guess I just have to do with ready mixtures and flowerpots.

  5. Oh this glögi sounds so tempting! Cranberries I can get here in my part of the world very easily,but spruce syrup will be hard to find.Any substitute for that...?

  6. Yaelian, there's a hard question. I haven't really compared different syrups that much but I'd probably try some other syrup that you think has a pleasant aroma. And I often use spruce syrup when a recipe calls for honey so it might work the other way around as well. Please tell if you find a satisfactory combination!


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