Pine Nut and Root Vegetable Mash ‒ Männynsiemen-juuressose

Potato mash is one of the standard sidekicks in Finnish cuisine. I often like to tune it with beet or spinach but seeing this I knew I have a sidekick to offer even when Tarja Halonen shows up for a dinner.

The original recipe didn't give any amounts so I tried to document what I used. The oat cream however, wasn't such a good idea since the mash turned a bit too runny. Oh well, the taste is what matters and I already have a long experience of claiming my beet mash is meant to be a puré soup. Next time I'll just replace the cream with some margarine and perhaps roast the pine kernels a bit before marinating them.

EDIT: Yeap, as you can see from the new photo, this turned out just perfect without the cream. Didn't even replace it with anything. Roasting the kernels was also a good idea.

- 2 large carrots
- 4 potatoes
- 1 small rutabaga
- 1 dose of stock
- 1 dl pine nuts
- gin (about 1 dl)
- spruce syrup
- salt
- white pepper
- 0.5 dl oat cream

Put the pine nuts in a mug and pour enough gin on them to cover them. Peel the root vegetables and cook them in water with the stock. Pour the water away and mash them. (If you're really clever you can save the water to make a sauce for example.) Spice with spruce syrup, salt and white pepper. Add the cream, the soaked nuts and as much of the gin as you wish. Let the mash marinate at least for an hour before serving.

Nutritional values / 1080 g:
energy 1197 kcal
fat 61 g
protein 21 g
carbohydrates 99 g
fiber 19 g


  1. Moi kiva blogi ja luovia ideoita! But now I definetely have a question: do you mean you actually used nuts of a Finnish pine tree?? I never heard anyone using them, though I know some people cultivate sembra pine in order to harvest the seeds. I tasted them myself for the first time this autumn and they were indeed quite tasty.

  2. Mahtavaa jos maittaa! There are over a hundred pine species, and the one most common in Finland is called Scots pine (apparently Scotland used to look a lot like Finland today before they invented axes there). Most of the time I use the nuts of stone pine (pinja) simply cause they're sold in every supermarket but the ones from Scots pine (mänty) or Swiss pine (sembramänty) are just as edible. Hope that cleared it up for you. It's sometimes really tricky to operate in both Finnish and English terms simultaneously.


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