Mustard Roast ‒ Sinappipaisti

For some reason the structure of seitan doesn't appeal to me in most cases. You really should both boil and fry it before savouring. In this roast however, the structure is nice and firm. Only used to make it for Christmas until I realised it's easy to prepare and great on sandwich anytime. The recipe is mostly formed by combining the ones presented in this forum. Now my only concern is how to cook something that wouldn't feel too everyday for next Christmas. (Well it's only 10 months away!) Probably by stuffing and decorating. Like this.

- 4 dl wheat glutein (seitan) flour
- 1 dl graham flour
- 1 dl soy flour
- 1 dl nutritional yeast (oluthiiva)
- 1 dl soy sauce
- 0.5 dl mustard
- 0.5 dl smooth tomato sauce
- 0.5 dl rape oil
- 1 chili
- 3 cloves of garlic
- paprika powder
- black pepper
- marjoram
- water (approximately 3 ‒ 3.5 dl)
- breadcrumbs

Mix everything except the breadcrumbs together with your hands. Try to use as little water as possible while still getting a dough out of it. Mold it into a roast and place on a sheet of folio. Cover with breadcrumbs. (The mustard can also be used on the roast in order to make the crumbs stick better.) Wrap into the folio and roast 1,5 hours in the oven in 175°C. Best served cold with mustard.

The amount of spices may seem large but seitan itself tastes pretty lame. Of course you can replace the spices according to your own taste but I wouldn't just leave them out. Then again, I do like my food rather strong-flavoured.

Nutritional values / 953 g
energy 1748 kcal
fat 54 g
protein 201 g
carbohydrates 113 g
fiber 16 g

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