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http://www.veganmofo.com/Random facts about Finnish coffee culture #8: Routinely offering coffee to guests started to increase popularity in the 19th century, thanks to very influential temperance movement. At the time, coffee was still an expensive import product. Before that guests were shown hospitality with a spirits toast, which on the contrary was cheap since every house distilled their own moonshine. Nowadays this price ratio has turned upside down, but islanders of the west coast (who typically speak Swedish) have kept the toast version all along.
I'm sorry all raw eaters, low-carbs and coeliacs, but this might be the only recipe I have for you this month. Finnish coffeee table is generally almost hostile towards you. (One might say something similar about vegans too, but they might find at least a biscuit they can nibble.) These cute little balls actually originated in Sweden too. As with mocha squares, there's something really 80's in them. Nowadays they're popular among kids learning to bake and of course, hippies.

Here are two versions. The first one is the more 80's version, the alternative more raw friendly. In case you want to minimize the total amount of carbs and not just watch they come from healthy sources, forget the dates altogether or replace with a sweetener of your choice, for example stevia powder.

- 2 dl coconut flakes
- 2 dl rolled oats (or more coconut flakes)
- 75 g margarine (or coconut oil)
- 0.5 dl sugar (or dried and soaked dates)
- 2 tbsp cocoa powder
- 2 tbsp cold coffee (or soaking water from the dates)
- vanilla powder
- additional coconut flakes for decoration

If you're using dates, first soak and puré them. Otherwise you can just rub everything together with your hands. Take little pieces of the mixture and roll them into ball between your hands. Roll in coconut flakes and place on the serving plate.

Nutritional values / 308 g:
energy 1415 kcal
fat 105 g
protein 19 g
carbohydrates 93 g
fiber 23 g


  1. Oh, tuleepa ihan lapsuus mieleen. Näitä meillä tehtiin ahkerasti ja nimi oli silloin Pepin suklaapallot. Ompas täällä melkoista sarjatulta noin postausmielessä. Ei edes perässä pysy! Vauva ei näköjään hidasta harrastuksia? :)

    1. En ole varmaan ihan tolkuissani, kun tällaiseen lähden mukaan. Mutta on tää kivaakin. :)

  2. we used to have such balls with condensed milk in them - not at all hippie or healthy - it the coconut and cocoa that I love in them so I think your version sounds lovely

    1. I've never heard anyone using the stuff outside toffee making. :D But I'm not a bit surprised there are similar balls available here and there. These aren't exactly rocket science.

  3. Those look great, I loved a similar sounding coconut oat ball that ikea sold for a whole but they changed the recipe & they're no longer vegan. I'll have to try your recipe!

    1. Without even seeing them I'd be ready to guess they were pretty much the same. Great inventions rarely spread in one country only. :)


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