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This summer my baby belly is so big and my speed so slow I'll better settle for short hikes in nearby national parks. Basically in the Southern Finland they're so small you can't really do more than weekend trips in them. If you really want to see wilderness you have to go up north to Lapland. Last summer I made my first "real" hike in Urho Kekkonen National Park and now dream of more of those. Seeing this post about food packages of a one-night trek I realized someone might find use for the food list of our last year's hike, since I think we managed pretty well for two complete newbies. My spouse hadn't done even short hikes before this but thanks to compulsory military service Finnish men have to through I felt more than confident he'd understand what he's doing.

Our actual trip took six days but if you're going to wilderness it's always a good idea to take one or two days worth of extra equipment. And if you're going to walk 90 kilometers carrying everything you might need on your back (plus carry the containers away as well), you want to pack as lightly as possible. So that basically means you don't want to drag much liquids, tin cans or fresh veggies along. In the autumn there are mushrooms and berries you can use but otherwise the national park rules limit foraging ideas quite a lot. I like to think myself a good packer, and with planning we managed to keep the starting weight of both backpacks well under 20 kilos though we carried along a tent we only used once and my old but loyal camping stove is probably one of the heaviest available. Also, you'll want everything to cook fast and be easy to prepare without a proper kitchen.

Some of the convenience food packages we bought from a local market probably had some animal-based ingredients in them (we didn't check) but there shouldn't be anything here you couldn't find vegan.

For breakfast:
- 12 bags of only-add-water oatmeal porridge
- 11 bags of only-add-water kissel
- a package of harsh coffee grounds suitable for cooking in a pan
- a packet of rye crisp bread
- a tube of tomato and tofu paté

Snacks and evening treats:
772 g dried fruits (banana, apricot, pineapple, raisin, date and papaya) 
616 g hot peas, curry cashews and smoked almonds 
- 6 vegan jerkys
- 8 vegan dry sausages and hemp bars
- 6 flapjacks

- a chocolate bar
- 0.5 l cut brandy (Jallu is a classic camping booze)
- different herb teas
- pancake ingredients mixed in bag except for water

- a small plastic bag of sugar
- a tube of multivitamin effervescent tablets

Main dishes:
464 g lenses
- 220 g crushed horse beans
- 136 g roasted onion
- 142 g dried vegetables
- 162 g textured soy protein strips
- a package of ready made dry ingredients for
hemp patties 
- 2 bags of dry root vegetable mash ingredients
- 3 bags of dry sauce ingredients
- 3 bags of dry soup ingredients
- 4 bags of dry pasta and stew meal ingredients

- 400 g macaroni

- chick pea omelet ingredients mixed in a bag except for water

- small amount of salt, a bottle of chili sauce and a garlic
- 2 dl rape oil

Divided by six this all of this weights about 700 g for each of us a day. In terms of nutrients this means:

energy 30142 kcal
fat 952 g
protein 1076 g
carbohydrates 3940 g
fiber 509 g

Daily portion per person:
energy 2512 kcal
fat 79 g
protein 90 g
carbohydrates 328 g
fiber 42 g

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