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Reading my father's autopsy report I learned that in the time of the death his arteries were already so clogged his life expectancy wasn't terribly long anyway. Knowing how good old daddy ate and how much he loved butter that didn't really surprise me much. But considering coronary disease is still the most common death reason in Finland (accounting to a whole quarter of all the deaths) and especially wide-spread among men, the low-carb craze occuring here for the last couple of years has seemed a bit worrying. Or to be more precise, at least the way most people seem to carry the it out in practise.

All this of course, should be no reason to disapprove every principle that comes from low-carb communities, say cutting down on so called fast carbohydrates or favouring home cooking from fresh ingredients. Nor a reason not to read their forums in search of good ideas. One of the brightest ones I've encountered is mashing cabbage just like potatoes. A extremely simple idea, helps to include more veggies in your meal during the cold season and most importantly, delicious as hell. During the past couple of weeks this is the third time already we've prepared this. Bear in mind that this isn't as filling as mashed potatoes, so remember it's going to vanish from the table much quicker.

- 1 small cabbage
- 50 g margarine
- green pepper
- nutmeg
- salt

Chop the cabbage and cook it until soft. Pour the water away (and save for tomorrow's soup). Add the rest of the ingredients. Mash until smooth.

Nutritional values /  850 g:
energy 507 kcal
fat 37 g
protein 10 g
carbohydrates 33 g
fiber 17 g 

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