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Have apple trees always made this many fruits? Seems that everywhere I look there are delicious looking red dots to test my moral. Quite a large percentage of them are newcomers since during the exceptionally cold winter of 1709 most apple trees in Scandinavia and even in northern Germany froze to death. And yet, the only good apples I've ever tasted have all been domestic (no, not even necessarily stolen).

I snatched the recipe for these oven apples from here but changed it for whole apples. The problem in cooking them like that is they tend to fall apart easily if you won't keep an eye on them. Oh well, at least that doesn't affect the taste.

- 5 apples
- 2 rkl margarine
- 1.5 dl oatmeal
- 1 dl lingonberries (or red currants)
- 1 dl sugar
- cinnamon

Wash the apples and remove the core. Melt the margarine and mix together with the rest of the ingredients. Fill the apple holes and top with one more spoonful. Bake in a 200°C oven until the crust has acquired some colour (about 20 minutes).

Enjoy with vanilla sauce or ice cream.

Nutritional values / 1 apple / 137 g:
energy 181 kcal
fat 5 g
protein 2 g
carbohydrates 30 g
fiber 3 g

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