Creamy Chanterelle Soup ‒ Kermainen vahverokeitto

I've posted a mushroom soup before but this version is from the more classic edge. A chanterelle soup like this is a very common starter, especially this time of the year when the season is on. I used both funnel chanterelles and golden chanterelles but the period when it's possible to find both of them is very short.

- 1 l fresh chanterelles (or 2-3 dl dried ones)
- 8 dl water
- 2 dl oat cream (or soy)
- 1 onion (or half a leek)
- 3 tablespoons wheat flour
- 1 tablespoon rape oil
- 1 dose of stock
- 2 teaspoons white wine vinegar
- 2 teaspoons dark syrup (or tar syrup)
- rosemary
- white pepper
- salt

Clean the chanterelles and remove the bad parts. If they're really big you can also cut them into smaller pieces. Chop the onion. Sauté the chantarelles and the onion with the oil in your soup pot.

Sprinkle the flour on the mushrooms and stir. Add the water and other ingredients. Cook until the soup thickens. Garnish with herbs or dried slices of smoked tofu. Serve with rye bread.

Nutritional values / 1 l:
energy 625 kcal
fat 34 g
protein 17 g
carbohydrates 59 g
fiber 10 g

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