Dandelion Soup ‒ Voikukkakeitto

In case that supikas recipe yesterday sounded appetizing, here's a suggestion for the remaining broth. But if you want the soup only, dice a small rutabaga to cook with the potatoes.

Dandelion is among one of my favourite wild veggies because it's so multifunctional and grows just about everywhere. The leaves and buds for this soup I picked when returning along my jogging path, trying to find my breath that had got lost somewhere on the way.

- 20 unopened dandelion flower buds
- 2 dl young dandelion leaves
- 2 l rutabaga broth
- 5 dl new potatoes (or noodles)
- 0.5 dl seaweed
- 0.5 dl dried onion (or caramelized)
- 1 chili pepper
- whole black peppers or juniper berries

Wash the potatoes and remove the bad parts but don't bother to peel. Cook them in the rutabaga broth until soft. Add the rest of the ingredients and let the soup come to a boil. Eat right away.

In the present form the soup is more like a starter or an evening snack but if you want to turn it into a lunch you might want to add beans or such.

Nutritional values / 2 l:
energy 500 kcal
fat 3 g
protein 27 g
carbohydrates 96 g
fiber 11 g


  1. Here is another true dandelion fan! How was the taste in cooked dandelion buds/ leaves? Any bitterness? I use my dandelions mostly fresh.

  2. Frankly, I barely noticed the taste, especially the buds. Think I overcooked them. But the differences between dandelion varieties seem huge and these were mild even before the cooking.

  3. And I just dont get good taste, only bitterness...It´s a shame when dandelions grow EVERYWHERE!

  4. Anyone who eats as well as you do should not require too much jogging! This soup is a great idea and I have to look into the dandelion I have never prepared any myself!
    Do I ever miss those buttery potatoes from Finland I will have some soon enough!

  5. Merituuli, I'm not sure if this is just my imagination, but the leaves with smooth edge seem to taste milder than the saw-toothed ones. Think the basic taste needs a little bitterness though, just like rucola.

    NS, it would be too easy if I could stay healthy by just eating. :)

  6. Its looking something new, never heard before about this kind of soup. Really i have the same concern any bitterness???


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