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They say young nettles won't sting. "They" couldn't be more wrong. It's starting to be the best time to pick those delicious and nutritious shoots and leaves but don't do it like I do. Wear gloves. Can't believe I forget it each and every year.

Another thing you might want to learn from my mistakes is to check what you're foraging exactly. Once again I fished out some grass, a few brown leaves and two dead larvae (that probably weren't dead to begin with) from my nettle pot. Nettles can be eaten raw as well but you do understand why I prefer to leach them.

- 2 dl young stinging nettle leaves
- 1 dl pine nuts (or sunflower seeds)
- 0.5 dl rape oil
- 2 tablespoons nutritional yeast
- 2 garlic cloves
- fresh coriander (or herb of your choice)
- black pepper

See that all your nettle leaves look healthy and free from insects. Leach them for ten minutes or so. Puré with all the other ingredients. Use as a pasta sauce or spread on your bread.

Nutritional values / 205 g:
energy 852 kcal
fat 87 g
protein 18 g
carbohydrates 13 g
fiber 8 g


  1. I lova nettle in my smoothies but haven't tried pesto or anything like that, yet. And, yes, you can eat your nettles raw, if you process them thoroughly so that the cellular structure is broken. Then they can't hurt you anymore :)

  2. This I could here next winter when the nettle leaves are still young...

  3. Nettle for me was like poison Ivy, working in my garden I got stung so many times it got to the point I could not get it anymore..I became immune and nettle makes for the most delicious recipes! You have such excellent presentation here!

    And I'm happy you enjoyed the Ice Cream!

  4. You can get immune to it? Wow, I'll go rolling naked into a nettle bush first thing tomorrow morning!


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