Spring Welcoming Drink ‒ Kevääntoivotusjuoma

My spouse is usually the smoothie expert in our family but this time I thought I'd try something as well. With this quick and festal drink I'm taking part in this month's food challenge. It's perfect non-alcoholic but if you wish, the sea buckthorn should cover up the taste of bad spirits quite easily.

- 2 pears (I used canned)
- 1 dl sea buckthorn berries
- 3 dl birch sap (or sparkling water if sap is not available)
- 1 tablespoon spruce syrup

Chill down the ingredients. Blend smooth. Chill down yourself and enjoy while admiring the awakening nature.

Nutritional values / 723 g:
energy 229 kcal
fat 3 g
protein 1 g
carbohydrates 45 g
fiber 12 g


  1. Great colour! We have buckthorn berries here,but only in creams ,shampoos etc.....

  2. Oh, too bad. You'll definitely have to find some when visiting Finland next time. :)

  3. Yes please, I'd like to have one. Good luck for the challenge!

  4. That is one beautiful smoothie! It looks energizing and cleansing if you know what I mean..looking forward to seeing all your veggie recipes finnish style this summer!

  5. Thank you all! It better be good since I once again started making mead too late for the first of May.


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