Bilberry Cheese Cake ‒ Mustikkajuustokakkku

There probably isn't a single vegan food blog without a cheese cake recipe but here's one more version anyway. The beauty of cheese cake is that it's easy to variate, very hard to fail and doesn't mind to spend a couple of days in the refrigerator.

Most Finnish home bakers seem to use fresh cheese like Tofutti but I replaced that with a double portion of yogurt so mine is technically more like a yogurt cake. Fresh cheese makes the structure firmer but that's all the same if you're going to bake the cake. And even if you're not, this will stick together, it's just not as strudy. Another way of making it fattier is to use nut yogurt. In case you'd like to add a larger amount of some liquid flavouring you may want to replace the potato flour with agar. I've seen many versions where people have decorated the cake with a shiny jelly made of agar and juice but I just spilled a bag of berries straight from the freezer on it and they acted just as I had hoped: got stuck and melted their juices to form a beautiful marble pattern. The cake tin I used was ⌀ 25 cm.

- 1 l soy yogurt
- 2.5 dl vanilla sauce (for example Oatley)
- 1 dl icing sugar (or halva)
- 0.5 dl potato flour
- 1 small punch of lemon balm + some water

- 200 g frozen bilberries
- 50 g margarine
- 200 g crumbling biscuits (I used some salmiakki biscuits a friend of mine had left behind but oat biscuits or rye-based digestives fit here as well)

Drain extra water out of the yogurt. I for example placed it inside old stockings and hanged above the sink overnight.

Crush the biscuits and pick the margarine with them. Press evenly into the baking tin. Let the lemon balm simmer for a moment in a small amount of boiling water and then blend the result smooth. Mix the drained yogurt, the vanilla sauce, the sugar, the flour and the lemon balm juice. Spread the mixture evenly on the cake bottom. Bake 45 minutes in a 160°C oven.

Let the cake cool down and then spread the frozen bilberries on it. Serve cold after the berries have melted.

Nutritional values / 1815 g:
energy 4490 kcal
fat 125 g
protein 64 g
carbohydrates 288 g
fiber 23 g


  1. what is the difference between blueberry and bilberry?

    your cake looks really beautiful!

  2. Thank you! If I've understood right, blueberry means Vaccinium corymbosum or pensasmustikka and bilberry means Vaccinium myrtillus or mustikka. Actually, I don't know how much difference there really is between them since I've never tasted blueberries. But if you want to get confused read this Wikipedia article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blueberry.

  3. so bilberry is the one we get from forest? (väännä ny rautalangasta! :))

  4. Exactly! *väänt, väänt* :D

  5. I have also seen the name Wild Blueberry used for Vaccinium myrtillus. Anyways, the cultivated blueberry tastes quite different and also behaves differently in baking. The wild one is superior in nutritional value.

  6. Most interesting, Okriina! According to that Wikipedia article "wild blueberry" or "lowbush blueberry" refers to species naturally occuring in North America. But well, this IS messy. I better forget the whole thing and go cook myself a breakfast.

  7. Well, here we get blueberries,the cultivated kind of berries, and I can also find in the freezer section some blueberries.Both quite tasteless, and I wish I could pick up billberries here too....


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