Milk Potatoes ‒ Maitoperunat

I couldn't control myself anymore. I never have the patience to wait for domestic new potatoes. When I saw Swedish ones in a grocery store I just had to buy some. At least they already taste the same, unlike those grown in Southern Europe.

Of course these small babes can be enjoyed as they are but the way I usually prepare the first round just emphasizes their flavour, making them officially the star of the meal they are instead of just some sidekick.

- 2 kg new potatoes
- water
- 2 dl oat cream
- 1 punch of spring onions
- 50 g margarine (for example Keiju 70 %)
- salt

Wash the potatoes but be careful not to scratch they thin little skin off. Put them in a pot and cover with water. Meanwhile, chop the onions. When the potatoes are done (should take only half an hour or so since they're so small) add the rest of the ingredients.

As the name suggests, this can also be done with your favourite veg milk. Just pour away part of the water and substitute it with milk. I just find the cream-water combination gives just the right richy feel in my mouth.

Nutritional values / 4370 g:
energy 2057 kcal
fat 54 g
protein 37 g
carbohydrates 339 g
fiber 24 g

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