Verdant Lunch Salad ‒ Vehreä lounassalaatti

Now that it's bright again and things are getting warmer it feels more attempting to skip a warm meal.

- 4 dl canned peas or pea sprouts
- 10 g arame (or seaweed of your choice)
- 1 dl pickle dices
- 1 red onion
- 2 slices of rye bread
- 1 tablespoon oil used in preserving sun-dried tomatoes
- 1 tablespoon hazel nuts
- 1 tablespoon sea buckthorn juice

Let the seaweed soak in water. Dice the bread and sauté the cubes in the oil. Slice the onion into circles. Crush the nuts. Fish the seaweed out from the water (which you can use in a soup or sauce) and spice with the juice. Arrange everything but the nuts into an aesthetically pleasing art work that you can jumble up when eating. Sprinkle the nuts on top for the final touch.

Nutritional values / 648,5 g:
energy 734 kcal
fat 24 g
protein 34 g
carbohydrates 88 g
fiber 26 g


  1. I have been so busy getting the garden ready! and this recipe is an inspiration to keep me motivated it looks delicious and beautiful! I hope you are all finished with the snow finally!

  2. Oh lucky you, I'd love to have a garden as well! The ice on lakes is still thick enough to walk on but not long if this sunshine continues.

  3. Your sallad looks wonderful! Nice idea to use sea buckthorn juice.

  4. Well, juices just seem to fit salads so I usually dash in just about anything I happen to have in the fridge. :)

  5. Amazing salad! I wish I could find salads like this for lunch here in Helsinki.

    I am writing a lunch salad blog http://salaattiahelsinki.blogspot.com (in finnish), check it out! =)


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