Paskha ‒ Pasha

No, I haven't stopped eating. But I'm having a rather busy period in my life at the moment (I've heard smart people see deadline jams coming up and start working beforehand.) so new recipes may come out in a bit slower rhythm than before.

The Sun has really started shining along the Spring Equinox. Here in a Southern city the snow has almost disappeared already and I've changed into a lighter coat. To honour Päivätär I thought I'd make something special. For the orthodox christians this hilariously named thick treat is an Easter dish that marks the end of the lent. But there's no reason why the rest of us couldn't enjoy it as well. It's definitely not a light dessert option though ‒ I managed to have two tablespoons last night before giving up.

- 5 dl soy yogurt
- 100 g soy spread (fresh cheese type)
- 1 dl icing sugar
- 0.5 dl potato flour
- 1 tablespoon quality margarine (I used Keiju 70%)
- 2 tablespoons sea buckthorn juice (or lemon)
- 1 dl dried sweet cherries (or raisins and nuts)
- 1 dried orange skin

Drain the yogurt overnight (in a cheesecloth, old stockings or a coffee filter). Chop the cherries and mix everything together. Spoon the resulting paste into a mould, again lined with a cheesecloth or such. Refrigerate for another night so that there's some pressure on the mould and extra liquid can come out. Draw your favourite Sun symbol on the paskha and spread a spoonful over a white bun.

There are really beautiful wooden moulds made especially for this purpose but I just used a coffee filter. I didn't bother to press out the air and only waited for couple of hours so the result looks rather clumpy. But at least the taste is perfect.

Nutritional values / 800 g:
energy 2027 kcal
fat 54 g
protein 28 g
carbohydrates 117 g
fiber 7 g


  1. Great idea to substitute quark with soy cheese spread. We made pasha a couple of years too, back then you could still buy the Estonian soy quark from Eestin herkut, but apparently the company has gone out of business, at least in Estonia...

  2. No wonder in Estonia! :) I don't really even know what non-vegan pasha consists of exactly, just that it has milk and eggs, but think drained soy yogurt works in any place where quark would.

  3. I wish we had soy youghurt here, instead we have only sweet soy puddings and luckily,the soy spread "cheese".Otherwise I would do your pasha....

  4. Maybe cashew cream would do the trick? You of all people might even manage to create a raw pasha. ;)


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