Mustard Foam ‒ Sinappivaahto

I find the experimentalism of molecular gastronomy really fun and interesting. How could we ever come up with new recipes if we never played with food? That being said, this experiment clearly went onto my failure pile.

I saw this idea of mustard foam and thought it would make a nice dressing for my lunch salad featuring pear cubes and the remains of a seitan roast (the structure of which I like to make as dry and crumbly as I can). But the foam turned out way too faint and quickly vanishing for the mission so I had to substitute it with normal mustard instead. I can't really come up with any way to use this foam, save for the fact that fruit flies were happy to drown themselves in the liquid. Well, while I still have lecithin left I guess I'll have to make some other uses for it. Apparently it should make bread fluffier, and perhaps this type of foam would work better in hot drinks.

- 3 dl water
- 1 tablespoon mustard powder
- 1 tablespoon soy lecithin
(vinegar, salt, paprika)

First blend the mixture into a smooth liquid. Let it stand for at least fifteen minutes to let the mustard build up some burning sensation. Add some flavourings if you wish. Whip to get foam. Spoon the foam on whatever you wish to use it with.


  1. Interesting recipe! I shall try this one of these days..

  2. Hey well done! I always thought these foams are made with egg.. I suppose it's ment to be faint, right ;) I guess a lot of the molecular gastronomy is a bit like this, slightly silly but interesting.

  3. Well, I guess you're right: it is interesting. Just not the kind of foam I expected. Well, now that I know what kind of foam lecithin makes I'll just have to keep on thinking. It might work better in some dessert.

  4. Great recipe! And solves my dinner problem. As the whole family is sick, I can experiment freely with my salad.

  5. Okriina and others, do share your experiences with lecithin, especially if you try something more inventive. I still feel a bit lost with that whole can of lecithin.

  6. Lecithin is good in raw desserts, I usually use it in the pies and cakes.

  7. I also have a can of lecithin in my fridge. Originally I bought it for a bread recipe but have lately used it in some raw desserts. It makes the consistency of the filling somewhat better. BTW, the foam was nice on top of a potatosoup. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Potatosoup, eh? That sounds worth trying!


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