Plum Liqueur ‒ Luumulikööri

I feel I'm cheating a bit with this post. See, I made this liqueur a year ago already. But it would also feel stupid to post about a recipe if I haven't got to actually taste the result, and almost as stupid to post something you can only prepare during the harvest season just before Yule. So this is as early as possible, really.

Finland has one the highest alcohol taxation in the world, which is of course typical for all well fare states. Also, all consumption is heavily regulated, sometimes to the point of absurdness, and all drinks containing more than 4,7% alcohol can only be sold from bars or a state-owned monopoly store Alko. This has lead to a situation where everyone who possibly can buy their drinks in very large quantities from Estonia or Russia. Since Alko's assortment is rather limited, the traditional beer culture has somewhat withered and drinking is often done with all that you possibly can principle.

So, this drink really isn't ideal for that type of alcohol culture. It takes a few months to brew and the result is more appropriate for a dessert than getting drunk. But the experience of finally being able to open and taste what's inside that long-pampered jar is very rewarding. Plus, playing a home chemist with alcohol gives me this small but satisfying feeling of being on the rebel side. You can prepare this with berries or berry mixtures too, but don't pick holes into them with a needle one by one like a friend of mine did. Those were the most alcohol tasting bilberries I've ever chewed.

- 1 kg plums
- 500 g sugar
- 1 l vodka

See that your plums are washed and healthy looking. Half them and remove the stones. Fill a glass jar with them. Add the sugar and the vodka.

Leave the drink on a sunny window shelf. It makes a beautiful decoration. Turn around every now and then. Don't taste before winter solstice. If you can wait half a year, even better. Use the well marinated plums in a dessert.

Nutritional values / 1 l:
energy 4690 g
fat 3 g
protein 8 g
carbohydrates 577 g
fiber 16 g

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