Dill Yogurt Covered Sea Buckthorn Cutlets – Tilli-jugurttikuorrutteiset tyrnileikkeet

Seems like we're better herb farmers than anything else. Our small field seems to be full of wild mint though we never seeded it there. I really need to get my imagination running if we're going to use it in anything else than tea. And the only plant we did seed and has grown better than we hoped is dill. So now every other dish is spiced up with it. So far I'm not complaining though.

Recipes on how to use dry soy cutlets always sound the same. First they're boiled in vegetable stock and then fried, which means that if you use the same store-bought bouillon cubes you always end up with the similar tasting chunks. Now that's a bit boring, isn't it? So I thought it almost my responsibility to start creating more creative ideas. The idea for a yogurt sauce came from some salmon recipe I happened to see. Originally I used lemons for the marinade, but since berries make such an essential part of Northern cuisine, I thought this sounded a bit classier choice.

For the cutlets:
- 100 g dry soy cutlets
- 1.5 dl sea buckthorn juice
- 1 dl rape oil
- 2 tbsp dark syrup
- salt

For the sauce:
- 2.5 dl oat  yogurt (or soy, as long as it's au naturel)
- 1 small punch of dill
- 1 small punch of chives
- black pepper

Place the cutlets with the marinade ingredients in a plastic bag. Leave in the fridge overnight but turn around a little every time you go to find snack.

When starting to get hungry, place the cutlets with their liquid in a casserole and move around a little to make sure they're marinated evenly. Mince the herbs and mix the yogurt sauce. Spoon the yogurt on the cutlets.

Move into 200°C oven for half an hour. Enjoy with barley or potatoes and some nice sidekick salad.

Nutritional values / 720 g:
energy 1625 kcal
fat 104 g
protein 72 g
carbohydrates 95 g
fiber 20 g

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