Roasted Root Vegetables with Herbs ‒ Yrttijuurekset

Root vegetables are perfect seasonal food. They're cheap, healthy, filling and easy to prepare. During the deepest winter I might've used chili and liquid smoke, but now that daytime is already as long as darkness I'm starting to prefer fresh tastes again and therefore spiced these up with dried herbs. The fresh ones are growing with speed too. Can't wait to be able to snip them while cooking.

- 500 g beetroot (I used a striped variety)
- 500 g rutabaga
- 500 g sunroot
- 1 parsnip
- 1 whole garlic (rest assured, the taste softens in the oven)
- 0.5 dl rape oil
- 1 tsp rosemary
- 1 tsp tarragon
- 1 tsp dill
- salt

Oil a casserole. Peel and cut the vegetables into mouth-size chunks. Free the garlic cloves from their skin. Mix the veggies, the herbs and rest of the oil in the casserole. Put in a 175°C oven. Remember to turn them around every now and then. They should be ready in about an hour.

Nutritional values /  1705 g:
energy 1000 kcal
fat 49 g
protein 18 g
carbohydrates 120 g
fiber 47 g

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