Nettle Pancakes ‒ Nokkoslätyt

Stinging nettle is often said to be the healthiest plant in Finland due to its richness in vitamins and minerals. There's for example seven times as much iron in it than in its cultivated comrade you can use the same way, spinach. My plan is to collect and precook many bags of it in the freezer for winter. Besides food you can use it for fiber, cosmetics (especially hair), herbal medicine, dyeing and as a fertilizer.

Remember, nettle leaves are at their best when young. Use plants that haven't flowered yet, after a sunny period when the nitrate concentration is at its lowest. Cooking or drying completely destroys the stinging toxic. And of course, you should never eat anything that grows close to a road or such. The taste flavours many kinds of soups, sauces, fillings, beverages and breads. And of course nettle pancakes, a comfort food that even every health food hater loves:

- 1 l young nettle leaves (or 150 g frozen spinach)
- 3 dl wheat or spelt flour
- 1 dl potato flour
- 1.5 dl oat milk or water
- 1.5 dl cider (made from real apples, not those disgusting fake ciders)
- salt
- rape oil for frying

Lingonberry cram is a must have with these. I also made a quick sidekick from fava beans, soy yoghurt, mustard and black pepper.

Nutritional values / 742 g:
energy 1322 kcal
fat 34 g
protein 36 g
carbohydrates 205 g
fiber 16 g


  1. Mmm! Todella herkullinen postaus!

  2. Kiitos! Kuvan voisin kyllä päivitellä yhtä herkulliseksi, kun nokkosta taas pukkaa.

  3. Is your reciepe with wholewheat flour or plain flour? Thanks.

    1. I just use regular refined flour in these recipes unless specified otherwise. But of course it might be a great idea to replace some of it with whole meal for a more nutritional and chewier result. Perhaps not all of it though.

  4. There are no lingonberry in Portugal. What else can I use? Thanks

    1. Well, the thing about lingonberries is that their sour and fruity, so if you want something like them, try following those lines. Cranberry jam might be an easy replacement if that's any easier to find, as well as any condiment made from sour berries.


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